Security Time Lapse

security time software

Security time lapse creates incredible time lapse videos from digital security cameras. It is often used on construction sites to document the build and create a video for use in advertising and at the grand opening party for the building.

Our software is an easy-to-use windows-based time lapse camera software that connects to any onvif profile digital security camera.

  • time-lapse software check Easy to use Software
  • Time Lapse software Works with any ONVIF Profile Camera
  • time-lapse software Can work with existing security Cameras at the same time.

Easy Setup

Simply type in your camera's IP address. Type in your username and password and then adjust the number of frames per second you would like to capture and the location you'd like to save the files. Then press the start button that's all there is to it. you can have it set up and running in under 30 seconds.

timelapse video example

video player

Player Included

After your time frame collecting your images simply compile images with the built-in image compiler tool and then play it with the included player or move it to any other computer for playback since it uses standard codecs.

Click to Play Video Example

The higher quality camera you use, the better your video will look!

This was shot using a 3-mp geovision camera over 6 months and 9 pictures per day.


$150.00 per month

  • Connect to any ONVIF IP Camera
  • Adjust time of day for recording
  • Adjustable Frame rates
  • Built in Movie player
  • Standard codecs
  • Commercial license

Commercial license

  • Can be used Commercially for profit.
  • long-term Construction Projects
  • Governemnt Beach Erosion
  • Landscaping projects
  • Farms
  • Concerts


System Requirements



Operating system

Windows 10, 64 bit


Core i5-8500 or better


8GB or higher


250gb or higher