Custom Software Development

Development Process

1. Planning

This is the phase of brainstorming where we explore and develop your requirements to find out exactly what you want and explore what issues can occur in the development process. This stage involves communication between the stakeholders project team and the client.

2. Feasibility Analysis

During this analysis the team defines the entire project in detail and checks the project feasibility. The team divides the workflow into small tasks so that developers, testers, designers, and project managers can evaluate their tasks. This will define what is feasible in terms of cost, time and functionality.

3. Software Design

This phase is where we gather all the information we collected in the planning stage and the feasibility analysis to create the overall design of the software, data structure, and database design and decide which languages and platforms to apply to the project.

4. Coding

The coding stage is usually the most exciting for the client. A team of developers are assembled based on their skill sets and what applies to the project. This is where the real work begins. The project is broken down into small phases and tasks are subdivided and allocated to individuals on the team so every developer has their own task.

5. Integration

Usually a completed project will contain a great number of individual programs which require careful implementation and integration into the project as a whole. During this stage the project team checks whether the software runs on the proposed platforms and fixes any bugs found at this time.

6. Software Testing

Before a project can be released software needs verification, testing, and debugging. Our quality analysis team tests the software using various test cases and scenarios. Testing software plays a crucial role in the final quality of the software project and its performance.

7. Documentation

At this stage we document instructions for installing the software and any dependencies needed for installation are gathered into one document for the client.

8. Installation and Maintenance

At last the software is commissioned to the clients to be installed on their devices. At any time after the installation if the client feels that the project needs any modification, the cycle would begin again at stage one planning.

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